Planning, Planting & Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Dependable, quality lawn care offered at Frank's Plants and Produce. Lawns service includes lawn cutting,edging/weedeating, blowing off of all paved surfaces with each cutting. Other services include granular fertilization, hedge pruning, pine needles, mulch, and more

Price: Billing once per month for services completed that month. 12 month contracts are also available so you can budget your lawn care needs more easily.

Design & Installation

We can install your plants for you at Frank’s Plants and Produce. Do you need help and advice on how to landscape your home? We can help with that too!

Our store

Let us do the “dirty work.” Bring us your outdoor planter and we can design and plant it for you.

Pecans: Whole / Cracked / Shelled

Frank's Plants and Produce is truly full service. With two pecans cracking machines ready to serve you. Normally, we can get your pecans back to you later that day!

Check us out during the holidays, we have whole pecans and shelled pecans for sale with wonderful gifts for family or clients.

Commercial Discounts

We here at Frank's Plants and Produce enjoy great relationships with contractors of all sizes. Supplying many of your needs from trees, shrubs and ground cover. Be sure to take advantage of our professional discount that comes with being one of our loyal customers.